Day 3: Lost and found, blisters bound, now afoot on softer ground …

“Pretty gardens along the way — oops so busy admiring all the beautiful gardens and pretty flowers, I walked right past my turn!! Went on for another block before Bill called and gave me directions back to the correct road!”

11:55 am

Quick stop to re-dress the blisters — My foot is okay- the tape was just loosening up and feeling spongy- just need to retape it. I wanted to check the other foot too.

12:36 pm

1:10 pm Beautiful trail through the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve:
SO happy to be wearing my mask! The air through here is filled with pollen!

Beautiful! This is the prettiest part of trek thus far!!

Arrived at UC Irvine Campus — going to take a longer break now.

Would you like to help?


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