Day 3 Arrival at Turtle Rock (took a while to find it)

4:45 pm Total distance walked 14.2 miles; 34,878 steps

I had considered continuing on to Quail Hill today but finding Turtle Rock proved more difficult than I expected and by the time I actually found the rock and got up to it; then back down to the RV, I no longer felt like going another 4 miles! I’m very pleased with my progress and performance for today.
My friend, Bonnie, joined me at around 4:10pm the base of the trail up to the rock. We walked about a mile together. She says we can park in her neighborhood tonight! 🙂

Dr. Monica

Arrival at Turtle Rock! Great job Moni!!

Here is the satellite view of the route I walked today!

Thanks to all of you for your encouragement and support! See you tomorrow for the next stage: Turtle Rock to Mission Viejo!

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3 thoughts on “Day 3 Arrival at Turtle Rock (took a while to find it)”

  1. Yay!! We had fun walking with you and seeing the Turtle Rock for the 1st time (despite thinking I had walked almost every trail here).

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