Day 2: Mission Accomplished! -Last 4 miles without a break

2:47pm Reached Huntington Beach but my goal is the pier still a bit ahead 7 hrs so far!

3:28 Day 2 Journey is nearly completed!

3:30pm Huntington Beach Pier closed.

3:46pm Back in the RV — DAY 2 Exhausted but happy!!

3:49 pm Bill is driving me back home in the RV for a long soak in a hot bath and a good night’s sleep in her bed. (Also to the RV needs to be recharged, pumped out and all of that stuff.)

I will restart journey early tomorrow morning from the pier gate where I finished today .

4:55 pm Home safely- bath already running!

Dr. Monica

Would you like to help?


2 thoughts on “Day 2: Mission Accomplished! -Last 4 miles without a break”

  1. Thanks- it was a manageable once I got it cleaned, glued and bandaged up. Gotta do all that again before starting out tomorrow- I had Moleskin on there but it was shifting with each step and just made it worse!


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