Trek Logistics

I wanted to share some of the logistical things we’ve needed to work out to plan this during a COVID-19 shut down.  When I hatched this idea, I was taking a walk and realized: ‘Where would I be able to stop for bathroom breaks with everything closed? And what about where to sleep?’ 
A friend gave us the idea of having my husband, Bill, rent an RV. He could then stay a few miles ahead. This would help with safety but also to take care of where I would sleep and wee!  I could refill water and refuel with food without the need for a backpack. 

When Bill contacted Cruise America and told them what we were doing, they graciously gave us a discount on the mileage costs

Thank you, Cruise America!

I’d also like express my sincere thanks to my new friends on FB -the Long Distance Walkers Association (LDWA). 

They have given me so many really useful tips as I take on my first long distance walk! Thank you!

Would you like to help?


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